New Lotus 6″ Shorts Review: Beautiful on All Shapes and Sizes!

Mine are due to arrive tomorrow or Thursday!!


Valerie Liberto: I tested these shorts on paved and dirt trails and even survived a fall without a scratch. They stayed in place with no pulling down or adjusting. Super light and silk soft, as if you had nothing on. Seriously, I would catch myself looking down to make sure I had shorts on!

Tasha Adkins Holland: I am an ultra trail runner. I put them through endless miles of stream crossings, climbing over and under trees and rocks, crawling up the sides of mountains, and even some road miles! I never knew I had them on. No chafing (even when wet), no falling down, no sliding around of any kind. The double pockets are a winner as well!

INKnBURN Lotus Shorts

Winter Running – What To Wear?



55-50 Degrees

 Kimono Sports Skirt     Kimono Tech Shirt   Rose Hoodie  W/Thumb Holes

50-40 Degrees

Dragon’s Gate Tech Shirt  Miko 4Arms   Dragon’s Gate Capris

45-Below 0 Degrees

Soaring Tech Shirt   Soaring Tights  Pixel Tech Tube

Monarch Pullover W/Thumb Holes  INKnBURN Black Logo Hat

Rose Performance Denim Pants


Out Of Stock, but a good example of a layering jacket!

April Fu Track Jacket

The Extras


Fabulous Compression Socks

Zenzah Tech+ Compression Socks


Keep your hands toasty and functional!

Zenzah Smart Running Gloves



RunJunkEes Moisture Wicking Hat 

The World Needs More Than Good Intentions

Praying and meditating won’t stop violence, environmental disasters, or inequality. Our spiritual path needs to become one of action.

Source: The World Needs More Than Good Intentions

Lazy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes \\\ Patates douces farcies faciles

Sharing a yummy recipe!

(version française plus bas!) I love sweet potatoes! They are so delicious and simple to prepare. I really enjoy their colours, and they are a definite staple in my kitchen.

Recipe Can Be Found Here: Lazy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes \\\ Patates douces farcies faciles

Miguel, Meb & Motion


From the INKnBURN Newsletter:
Had to share this great photo from the San Antonio Run, Rock’n’ Roll site. New INB Ambassador Miguel Ortega finishing the 10k in our Motion Singlet with… who’s that guy in red? Oh yes, the amazing MEB!

Miguel is wearing our Motion Singlet available in men’s and women’s cut and on sale now for 50% Off!

Updated! INKnBURN Sale!!

 From the INKnBURN Newsletter: “As we get ready to move to our new location, we’ve been going through inventory. If you check our site carefully, you might just find something you missed out on earlier in the year! And, we have a few items that we just made too many of, so… we put them On Sale at some pretty great prices. Make sure to grab anything you want quickly… but then, please share with a friend and spread the love!”

Ladies & Men! INKnBURN Sale! 
Shady Tech $19.99
Shady Tech Ladies

Shady Tech Men’s

Why did we name it shady?


All Kids Shirts 50% Off!
Kids love INB! With all our kids Tech Shirts at 50% Off, this is a great time to pick up some awesome pint-size INB for your favorite mini-me!  Since our colors don’t fade, these are shirts you can hand down.  In fact, they last so long, you might want to have a few more kids!
Sale! Now! Please!
Men’s Pixel Pullover

A great piece of cold weather gear, heavier weight and warmer than our shirts but still moisture wicking and breathable. With a brushed interior and thumbholes it feels as great as it looks. A spreadsheet error caused us to make too many. With our 2016 Club Members blessing we are offering this Men’s Pixel Pullover at a great price but, only while supplies last.


Many other items restocked! Hurry!

Impermanence – Eternally Existing and Dissolving

I follow this blog and read this article a while ago and wanted to share it with my readers and so I tucked it away and then was busy with the holidays. This is beautiful and very in tune with my own perceptions, enjoY

Everything comes into being and then dissolves. Whenever you encounter suffering in your life you don’t have to worry because nothing lasts forever. This suffering is not permanent…..continue reading