Carrots & A Recipe



Aromatic Carrots


4 lb thin carrots
3 tbsp earth balance butter
1/2 cup  orange juice
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp  ground cumin
1/4 cup chopped parsley

1 tbsp toasted  sesame seeds

Peel carrots and trim ends. They should all be the same thickness, so you may need to slice some in half lengthwise or quarter them. Place earth balance, juice, maple syrup, cumin a in a wide saucepan. Set over medium heat. When butter is melted, stir in carrots.
Cover and cook, turning carrots often, until almost tender, from 12 to 15 min. Uncover and bring to a boil. Stir frequently until carrots are richly glazed. Serve sprinkled with parsley and toasted sesame seeds.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

So I know many of you know that we lost Ippo (our dog) last month. But the last three months have been 4rough. My hubs traveling on and off, injuries preventing me from getting my butt out and doing any kind of training, depression settling in during the month of August hit hardest. I gained a lot of weight from where I had been. I mean a LOT of weight in a very short time. I gained 30 pounds in 3 months from stress eating and limited exercise.

The last three months has been painful and enlightening all at the same time. I realized just how strong I am and how capable I am of getting my sh*t together when I need to.

runners-stress-creedRunning is HARD for me, stress eating is EASY for me to fall back into. And running, or run training (run/walk/run method – thank you Jeff Galloway) is exactly what keeps me from stress eating. Moving my body lets me get in touch with what my body needs, and what it doesn’t need. Run training releases those endorphin’s that make you feel alive and free your mind of the things that stress you out.

I have been blessed with meeting and knowing some amazing groups of people within the running community. They inspire me every day to be a better me. And during the crappy last few months I’ve been going through, although I neglected myself, neglected these groups, but I still listened to them. I still saw their stories of triumph over adversity. Of reaching new goals, of exceeding their limitations. The running community is filled with some of the best humans you could ever want to encounter. They lift you up when you need it and cheer you on enthusiastically every step of the way. Them along with a handful of amazing friends old and new and in-laws that I adore, I look forward to October and all the plans and goals I am setting!

Running is hard for me. And I love that fact. It challenges me to be better, to do more, to image-3want more. So to INKnBURN, the RWB, RunJunkEes, the Running Turtles, and to Hogwarts Running Club thank you!! Thank you for being amazing and challenging and there to learn from and to share with, even when I am sitting the sidelines quietly. Because even then, you teach me about me.

I can now fit back into my InB and am back at training again. I crawled out of that rabbit hole and am  feeling alive and grateful to be back on track again!

And if you are out there lost down a rabbit hole like I was, because of stress, or loss, or bad self image, or fear, etc… find a group, something you are passionate about and throw yourself head first into it. At fist you may feel like you’re faking it. guess what, you are! But in time you will feel alive again. Full of hope and goals. Ready to set your soul on fire and challenge yourself to what’s hard for you to do.

Woman running by the ocean beach at sunset


14435230_10154019135463041_2963968803040655303_oINB elites Katalin Nagy and Grant Maughan will be in this years Spartathelon!! “This race is a historic ultra-distance foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background. The idea for this race belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus’ narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance from Athens to Sparta, i.e. 250 kms, within 36 hours. Grant Maughan did this race last year in 32:05:06 and Katalin Nagy took Women’s First last year with a time of 25:07:12! ”

I am an in awe of these elite runners! They give me focus and drive to improve …#goals! It’s amazing what you can train the human body to overcome and to become. Much luck and many bravo’s to you both!!

Hello yoga my old friend…



Last month our little family underwent a tragedy. We lost a piece of our soul when Ippo rosiehad to be set free from this worlds constraints due to an illness that spread too quickly and too aggressively to even fully diagnose at her age and with how swiftly it overtook her tiny body. For the last two months life has been frozen with her illness and my grief. The healing process has been slow to say the least. This letting go has been a difficult road.

Bringing myself back to daily meditation has been healing and enlightening. And my inner self is finding its way through the sadness and is reminded of the understanding of the circle of life and all it encompasses. My soul is healing.

But my body, that is another story lol. I haven’t been moving. No walking, running, hiking, and no YOGA. Eeeek, what’s wrong with me??? Those are all things that I love and not only that, they are the very things I KNOW helps to heal whatever ails ya! In two months I’ve stopped working out, gained weight and think I lost my damn mind in the process too lol! The last two weeks I started getting back into training. I mean geez, I have a half marathon coming up after the New Year, I need to get back at it!


And then this morning….

“Hello yoga my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence (meditation)!”

As the sun was crashing through the living room, I pulled the mat out and began Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). And my body came alive, woke up. A re-awakening that was long overdue and much needed. I can’t even begin to tell you what yoga has done for me since I began practicing.

contact-flower More flexibility (even with my walk/run/walk)

dahlia-free-download-png Strengthens muscles

dahlia-png-clipart Improves posture

tumblr_mhvtkt5u4s1rm6jd7o1_500 Wards off osteoporosis and helps strengthen cartilage

tumblr_nibzrppizz1rm6jd7o1_500  Lightens your mood and aids in mental focus

tumblr_moyi3ccozw1rm6jd7o1_400 Relaxes the mind and nightly yoga practice and stretches aid with sleep

contact-flower Aids with ease of blood flow and better breathing

dahlia-free-download-png Helps you lose weight and gives your metabolism a boost

dahlia-png-clipart Gives you a better image of self awareness which overall helps self esteem

tumblr_mhvtkt5u4s1rm6jd7o1_500 Strengthens hip flexors which is vital to runners and as you age

tumblr_nibzrppizz1rm6jd7o1_500 Makes you want to move your body more because of the endorphins

tumblr_moyi3ccozw1rm6jd7o1_400 May produce GABA in the thalamus which reduces anxiety

And this is just a portion of the benefits are of adding yoga practice into your daily routine. Oh and did I mention it actually helps my meditation. I am more relaxed in mind and body to allow myself to be still longer and more effectively. ‘

I’m grateful for both meditation and yoga in my life. It simply makes life better for me in many ways. Yoga touches every aspect of my life, much like meditation does. Try it, I promise you won’t regret it!

I’ve found my way again





Simple Butternut Squash Soup \\ Potage à la courge butternut


It’s pumpkin season! I love this time of the year because it means that I can cuddle up with a good book, some tea, and soup without feeling guilty. One of my favourite squash to cook with is…

Source: Simple Butternut Squash Soup \\ Potage à la courge butternut



Throwback Thursday INKnBURN style!!

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From InB….

“Women’s Purple Lust Capris feature a beautiful pen and ink illustration by INB artist Tiny Bubbles. For this special edition version of an INB classic, the denim is now a deep purple with a subtle fan texture. For most, lust is an emotional force associated with the fantasizing about one’s desires. For you, lust is thinking about your next finisher’s medal, workout or how much more you can train. A unique and even mysterious design, perfect for distancing yourself from the crowd!


“(Please note!! This is a one day only pre-order then we’ll have to stop taking orders and and start hand-crafting your capris!  Please no returns or exchanges on pre-order items. Production time is typically 6-8 weeks depending on the number of orders we get.)”



Absolutely Breathtaking!

Isn’t this design scrumptious?? They created the art based on Japanese textiles. Stunning14463284_10153667374456292_8404804348196442559_n
artwork. But breathable, comfortable fabrics! 
W-Kimono-Tech-back__49875.1471629098.1280.1280.jpg“Inspired by the Japanese kimono, we took a few liberties with our Women’s Kimono Tech Shirt.  We started with a foundation of traditional Japanese textile designs. We then added a beautiful chrysanthemum at the waist to symbolize rejuvenation and longevity.  The peonies on the shoulder and hip represent nobility, respect and good fortune.  So much easier to put on than a real kimono, (word is that they offer classes in Japan since it is so complicated), our Kimono kit is also much lighter, moisture-wicking and works great for sports! Beautiful, functional and unique!”
w-kimono-skirt-side2__32050-1471630399-1280-1280“Inspired by the Japanese kimono, we took a few liberties with our Women’s Kimono Sports Skirt.  We started with a foundation of traditional Japanese textile designs. We then added lavish chrysanthemums to symbolize rejuvenation and longevity along with peonies to represent nobility, respect and good fortune.  So much easier to put on than a real kimono, (word is that they offer classes in Japan since it is so complicated), our Kimono kit is also much lighter, moisture-wicking and works great for sports!  We also feature compression style shorts with a generous pocket on each thigh and a beautiful waistband that you can wear up for support, or fold down for a low cut look.”