INKnBURN Nederland heeft een koop! (INKnBURN Netherlands is having a sale!)



Toegevoegd aan de SALE: de MIKO Tight, geïnspireerd op de rijke en levendige designs van de Japanse kimono. De kleurstructuur op de tight is flatteus voor alle lichaamstypen.

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Translated: INKnBURN Netherlands is having a sale!  Added to the sale: the miko tight, inspired by the rich and vibrant designs of the Japanese Kimono. The Kleurstructuur on the tight is flattering for all lichaamstypen.
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Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!
So, we’ve been kicking around a Sriracha inspired design ever since we visited the famous hot sauce factory last September. That’s when they grind their beautiful, fresh red peppers to make that wonderfully spicy sauce. As it turns out, this is also the Year of the Rooster! All the planets aligned and these two striking new designs were born! The details on both are wonderful and well worth of a closer look:

Some of the world’s best vegetarian and vegan cities

Lucky Leek, Berlin If you are vegan or vegetarian, it’s easier than ever find places to eat when you travel. One of the restaurants on my list even won best new restaurant in Canada,……

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Senators Urge USDA To Restore Animal Cruelty Data To Website

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is calling on the Trump administration to immediately restore animal cruelty information that was recently removed from a government website.

Source: Senators Urge USDA To Restore Animal Cruelty Data To Website



It’s been a super busy month! My hubby came home from deployment after a long 7 months away and we’ve been on the go ever since!!!


First we had planned to move into a different apartment complex as soon as he was home. So apartment hunting began pretty quickly. But it only took a couple days to find the perfect place. And right next door to a park that’s great for run training. A bit of flat surface and some nice little upgrades on the terrain along with some hills for hill repeats. Time to get serious again with this! But we are so stoked to be moving into this new place, we have a fireplace!!! BUT that also means we had a lot to do. We’re moving starting tomorrow. So we had a two bedroom apartment to pack up in about 2 weeks since we were taking a week long getaway smack dab in the middle of everything.


Next we too a trip to New Jersey to see the hubs amazing family. No seriously I hit the jackpot as far as in-laws and marrying into a family. They are fabulously loving people. I consider myself lucky all the way around. We had a lot of fun and this was LATE Christmas celebrations, so it was extra special for his homecoming.


I’m still trying to make sure I’m taking some time to get in some walks and runs though in between all the packing. But that’s what’s kept me away for the past month. Just been really busy trying to pack and be ready for the move. Keith and I are starting to move small things the next two days and then the movers will be here Friday for the furniture and boxes. Saturday whatever small stuff is left we will have friends in town to help us get that stuff finished. And then the unpacking commences lol. Sooooooo…hopefully next week this time I will be back to regular blogging and back at training regularly too.

To those of you whose blogs I follow, I’m trying to keep up with all your blog posts but as an example, right now I have 800 emails waiting to be viewed, ahhhhh!!!! Wish us luck this weekend all goes smoothly!


New Lotus 6″ Shorts Review: Beautiful on All Shapes and Sizes!

Mine are due to arrive tomorrow or Thursday!!


Valerie Liberto: I tested these shorts on paved and dirt trails and even survived a fall without a scratch. They stayed in place with no pulling down or adjusting. Super light and silk soft, as if you had nothing on. Seriously, I would catch myself looking down to make sure I had shorts on!

Tasha Adkins Holland: I am an ultra trail runner. I put them through endless miles of stream crossings, climbing over and under trees and rocks, crawling up the sides of mountains, and even some road miles! I never knew I had them on. No chafing (even when wet), no falling down, no sliding around of any kind. The double pockets are a winner as well!

INKnBURN Lotus Shorts

Winter Running – What To Wear?



55-50 Degrees

 Kimono Sports Skirt     Kimono Tech Shirt   Rose Hoodie  W/Thumb Holes

50-40 Degrees

Dragon’s Gate Tech Shirt  Miko 4Arms   Dragon’s Gate Capris

45-Below 0 Degrees

Soaring Tech Shirt   Soaring Tights  Pixel Tech Tube

Monarch Pullover W/Thumb Holes  INKnBURN Black Logo Hat

Rose Performance Denim Pants


Out Of Stock, but a good example of a layering jacket!

April Fu Track Jacket

The Extras


Fabulous Compression Socks

Zenzah Tech+ Compression Socks


Keep your hands toasty and functional!

Zenzah Smart Running Gloves



RunJunkEes Moisture Wicking Hat