About Me And Running To Zen



My journey towards finding my zen, my balance in all aspects of my life. This blog started as a running blog. I so so much wanted to become a runner. But I never found happiness in running. Not as much as I did in hiking and yoga. But what running did do for me was show me my way back to the things that I had lost touch with, things that made me feel connected, excited and yet peaceful in my own existence. So the blog is evolving as I am evolving! Here you will find inspiration and motivation to find your own sense of zen in your life. 



For more info on any group, club or business  you may see me post about that I am I am connected to, please reach out and I’ll be in touch!


Personal Interests
✨Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition
✨Animals/My Furbabies
✨Usui Reiki Level 1 Practitioner
✨Crystal Healing
✨Random Acts Of Kindness
✨The Ocean/Forests/Mountains
✨Singing Bowls

14 thoughts on “About Me And Running To Zen

  1. I love the comments about stop blaming everyone and everything else – its time to take responsibility for ourselves. I have spent way too much time blaming traumas, jobs, parenthood, lack of time …. still currently working on how to get myself fit and healthy right now (am defiinitely not a runner, but have tried serious diet and gym together and that worked in the past!) – motivation is almost there again, trying on swimsuits this morning was appalling!!!

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    1. 💙 Thank you! You know, I just started running and I don’t run well. After some years of heavy smoking my lungs took a beating. The best thing for me has been consistency with a mix of at home workouts, walk/run/walk and yoga with daily accountability + simple good nutrition. I like at home work out because I can do them anytime, anywhere (on demand) and I can look a hot mess if I want to lol.


  2. It is great to you lead active life. Unfortunately personally I hate running. I used to train it when I was a kid and since I left sports school I never tired it again. I do yoga instead 😀

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  3. I’m so happy I found your blog! I couldn’t agree more about blaming others and comparison. The glass will always be half empty if we think this way. There will ALWAYS be someone who has what we want or who is doing “better” than us. The world will be a better place if we are happy for others, instead of jealous, and if we celebrate ourselves instead of comparing and putting ourselves down. You have a great attitude and I’m inspired by it. 😊

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