Smooooothie Bowl!

So you go out for a run, on the boardwalk. Salty air, ocean breeze… Water somehow never tastes as good as it does in this moment!! Then it hits, I’m “hangry”. But I want something that feels good, not just tastes good. Something my body is craving even if it translates as doughnut. It’s not something fake and unnaturally sweet I want. It’s THIS!

Smoothie bowls hit the spot every time !

1 acai packet

3 handful frozen mango (or any fruit)

1 Apple

2 Frozen bananas

Coconut  milk to taste and texture desired

Top it off with unsweetened coconut and toasted coconut, cacao nubs, granola,  banana and mango! A bowl full of sunshine and feel goods!

#smoothiebowl #postrunyum #fresh #fruit #delicious

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