Blue, Grey & Rainy Days….

Blue Grey & Rainy Days

We didn’t plan a race today and opted for something else for weekend fun. The annual 🌸Cherry Blossom Festival🌸  at Red Wing Park. Which ended up cancelled due to the weather …

🏃 All the running events continued through the rain. Runners are hard core, they run through rain, snow, cold. Races seldom get cancelled or postponed. We should have signed up for the race instead I guess lol. But I still look cute 😛

And am off to do the grocery shopping, not as fun as a festival or race, but you know, food, responsibilities…

There is something Zen like to rain. As I stood watching the rain fall, there was such a peaceful calm to it. The world felt still and settled. It was a peaceful meditative moment. Then I remembered we need food in the house 😛

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend, rain or shine!


Ryu Pullover & Ryu Skirt


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