New Designs Are In!




Think all the colors you find within the sea and it will lead you to Abalone. ” Tough on the outside and beautiful within, the abalone represents solace, the greatness of the oceans, a life of beauty, peacefulness, and delight.”





Mythological creatures of the sea. Mermaid Capris were inspired by the mysterious sirens of sea lore, that represent wild freedom, a rebellious spirit and ferocious independence (they can never be contained and frequently avoid settling).





“Inspired by the warriors of ancient Japan. The ancient Samurai saw it all on the battlefield…Known for their sense of honor, valor and strength, they were acutely aware of the fragility of life. A Samurai managed to be fierce, while still having a reputation for being benevolent and compassionate. This shirt represents the strength to skillfully deal with the stresses of everyday life and the courage to overcome any obstacle that comes our way, and is tied together with the stylized kanji on the back representing “harmony”. “

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