Mysterious & Limited!!!

There are a zillion reasons I love this company; comfortable fabrics, beautiful artwork, fantastic customer service, modern designs, to name a few. And they offer limited edition releases, only available for a short time for advance purchase. It’s collector worthy art, that you can WEAR!! That is so cool! Once in a while they come out with a mysterious release, usually with clues in the description.

Want something original and fun? Here’s your chance!!

**** Pre-Order ends at midnight May 5th PST ****


“Yes, you have to place a pre-order to get one and we are only making them for those adventurous souls who love surprises.  Those who can handle the wait to find out what they purchased while we print out our art and carefully place it on each panel.  Those who can cope with the anticipation while we carefully sew each garment, then finish, press, package and ship it.  Those who gotta have a limited edition design and love hearing people say, “Great Tank!  Where’d you get that?”  If that is you, you only have May 4th through May 5th to place your order! (Pre-Order ends at midnight May 5th PST)   MSRP $39.95″

Men’s 2016 Mystery Singlet

Women’s 2016 Mystery Singlet

The last time they did a mystery release this was what it ended up being 🙂 Now I’m not saying this release will be something similar because even as a brand ambassador, we are as clueless on the mystery releases as the public is, but I wanted to show that the mystery releases are really sweet!!

May The Fourth Be With You!

ps… This just in from INKnBURN: FedEx will now be picking up at their office, scanning packages and doing most of the process. USPS will just do the final delivery in some cases and FedEx will actually do final deliver in some cases. This by passes the Costa Mesa post office completely and FedEx actually scans and tracks their packages all the time. YAY!!!!

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