Throwback Thursday!!!


One day only pre-order (TODAY ONLY) from INKnBURN! Gorgeous design!! If you ordered the Run or Tie singlets, they are in production and will be shipping out soon! ‪

Friday they begin production at the warehouse in Southern California, so don’t hesitate or you’ll be late 😉

“Sugar Skulls originated in Mexico and are a festive part of celebrating the memory of those who have passed. Skulls also symbolize triumph over death and are a great reminder to be thankful for the time you have to celebrate and enjoy life.”

#‎INKnBURN‬ ‪#‎INKnBURNambassador‬ ‪#‎runners‬ ‪‪#‎madeinusa‬ ‪#‎marathon ‪#‎ultrarunning‬ ‪#‎halfmarathon‬ #5K #10K #‎distanceyourself‬ ‪#‎inknburnaddict‬ ‪‬ ‪#‎runninggear‬ ‪

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