Recovery and Up and Coming


To most people this looks like an unassuming, non lethal small cat scratching post, right? Nope nope nope. This little thing has had me down and out for about 3 weeks. and the cat it belongs to tried to kill me.

Yes, I tripped over the cat who decided to zoom past me as I was walking and when I fell, this lovely little post (that the cats don’t even actually play with) went right into my arm pit. My shoulder was dislocated and every muscle in my arm was damaged and bruised. I had a bit of temporary nerve damage too.

So my run training was put on hold along with most anything else that included the use or movement of my right (yep I am right handed) arm. But now as I am healed and my dog is healing (she had a bleeding ulcer totally unrelated to the fall) I will soon be getting back to training and well, moving lol.

I’m planning a few 5k’s as I ease back into things.12974333_10209398533540126_2574042419706975950_n

I have a group trail training run coming up this weekend with the amazing Team RWB!! My fingers are crossed that our dog will be healthy enough for me to meet up with them at First Landing State Parks trails.

Next weekend I am hoping to do the Coastal Edge ECSC 5K and Luau. It’s part of the surf culture down here and it’s by the beachfront, what more can you ask for! Next month is the 9/11 Hero’s Run and then later in the month I’m planning to do the First Landing 10k even though I am now totally off training and unprepared. No matter what it will be a nice day in the woods! I am hoping as we get into autumn I will be better trained and adding more races, so stay tuned!

Also planning to volunteer for some race support for Rock-n-Roll Virginia Beach and the Summer Sizzler, all again with the super cool Team RWB!!

So after a a pretty crappy month I am hoping the end of August and on into September to see improved health in our house and much more activity outside the house!


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