Sick dog, new pretties (guys too), etc…

2I have a 4.5 pound/15 year old chihuahua that has been having some pretty big medical issues of late. She is doing better but still undergoing treatment for a bleeding ulcer dc7eBd8Ri So I haven’t been blogging very much or running very much lately.

But I’m trying to play catch up with some blog posts and other online activities. It’s giving me a little stress release to be completely honest. I had to show you the new pretties INKnBURN has released recently!!!



So if you are a country western fan, this release is beyond perfect!!

Halloween cowgirl, yes please!!

Country themed races, your’re covered!!

Animal rights friendly leather look, very cool!!

Loving the new kit INKnBURN just released! The detail, especially on the pants is amazing. And all with the same moisture-wicking, silky, light Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric that INKnBURN is known for. These pieces are up for pre-order now, but only until  THIS Thursday, August 18th at 8am, PST!

You can see more info and order


“Please be aware, in-stock items included with pre-order items will not ship until this design has been made.  We anticipate 6 – 8 weeks to hand-craft this beautiful kit.  Hat not included. Please no returns or exchanges on pre-order items.”

The new Dahlia Capris look just like DENIM! But they  really soft and made of tech stretch material and are really moisture-wicking performance capris.  Perfect for running, yoga, pilates or anything that requires freedom of movement.  Paired with the new Dahlia or Bee shirt, you have a gorgeous kit!

These look soooo much like denim!!!

You can check them out here. They are already up on the site can be ordered today (no pre-order required)!

Dahlia Striped Capri

Bee Tech Shirt

Dahlia Tech Shirt


Guys, you were NOT forgotten! Men’s Traction Tech Shirt was released!

You can grab this fine looking design at INKnBURN too!

I am also getting over a very bad arm injury from a fall I took. It’s made movement anything but pleasant since anything but complete stability has given me screaming crazy pain. But, I have a few minor upcoming races while recuperating and trying to get back to training,  you can read more about that here.

3 thoughts on “Sick dog, new pretties (guys too), etc…

  1. Oh dear – I hope your Chihuahua is improving.. Age 15 is amazing and I’m sure she has had a lovely life shared with you… I have an 8 year old long haired Chihuahua (pictures of Dolly dotted around on my site) – although currently she has been ‘shaved’ so is looking more like a Jack Russell and very chubby as well! Definitely a bit of ‘weight loss’ required! I send little doggy Angel Blessings to you and your lovely little dog.. x


    1. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Sadly this past week my little angel earned her wings. They tried treating her for a few different things but the tests they could do were inconclusive and testing any further she could not have survived she was so weak and struggling. This is why I have not been around, it’s a really difficult time for me right now. But they think it may have been cancer of the stomach or colon. They saw a very small shadow when they did an ultrasound, but hoped that was not what it was. But since all other treatments did nothing to even give her relief, they believe it was cancer and a very aggressive cancer. We let her go with dignity and before she was in unbearable pain. The last vet visit, she let me know it was her time. This was last Wednesday. I made a public post on Facebook and that was about all I could handle.

      Much love to you and thank you for your blessings!

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      1. I am so sorry for your loss and I really do understand what this feels like – it is so so hard… I lost my dog 2 years ago in very similar circumstances and she was 16 so had been part of our family for a long time.
        You have given your little beauty a wonderful life and shown her your deepest love at the end by helping her fly which is the most caring thing you can do, to ensure her suffering is minimised. It is so hard for you and I send much love back to you and your family with a big hug – Take care my friend …. xxx

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