Something way cool happening!

Clothing designers always come up with wayyyy more designs than ever make it to the sales floor. Often, for various reasons they choose not to release to the public and gets set aside. Well INKnBURN opened up their vault and is auctioning off some of these gorgeous and artistic pieces ! They are one of a kind art work, real collectors pieces, and they are amazing seeing the first they released for auction!

Read below from the INKnBURN Newsletter!


1 of 1: Designs on eBay

With all the designs we create, it may be hard to believe there are some wonderful pieces that don’t turn into actual products… but there are. We’d like to find some of these rare gems a good home so, we are going to start putting them up little by little on eBay…starting at $1.00!  
Seller name: inknburn_vault on eBay. The first one, an awesome one-of-a-kind windbreaker, started Friday andends Monday at:

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