Down The Rabbit Hole

So I know many of you know that we lost Ippo (our dog) last month. But the last three months have been rough. My hubs traveling on and off, injuries preventing me from getting my butt out and doing any kind of training, depression settling in during the month of August hit hardest. I gained a lot of weight from where I had been. I mean a LOT of weight in a very short time. I gained 30 pounds in 3 months from stress eating and limited exercise.

The last three months has been painful and enlightening all at the same time. I realized just how strong I am and how capable I am of getting my sh*t together when I need to.

Running is HARD for me, stress eating is EASY for me to fall back into. And running, or run training (run/walk/run method – thank you Jeff Galloway) is exactly what keeps me from stress eating. Moving my body lets me get in touch with what my body needs, and what it doesn’t need. Run training releases those endorphin’s that make you feel alive and free your mind of the things that stress you out.

I have been blessed with meeting and knowing some amazing groups of people within the running community. They inspire me every day to be a better me. And during the crappy last few months I’ve been going through, although I neglected myself, neglected these groups, but I still listened to them. I still saw their stories of triumph over adversity. Of reaching new goals, of exceeding their limitations. The running community is filled with some of the best humans you could ever want to encounter. They lift you up when you need it and cheer you on enthusiastically every step of the way. Them along with a handful of amazing friends old and new and in-laws that I adore, I look forward to October and all the plans and goals I am setting!

Running is hard for me. And I love that fact. It challenges me to be better, to do more, to want more. So to INKnBURN, the RWB, RunJunkEes, the Running Turtles, and to Hogwarts


Running Club thank you!! Thank you for being amazing and challenging and there to learn from and to share with, even when I am sitting the sidelines quietly. Because even then, you teach me about me.

I can now fit back into my InB and am back at training again. I crawled out of that rabbit hole and am  feeling alive and grateful to be back on track again!

And if you are out there lost down a rabbit hole like I was, because of stress, or loss, or bad self image, or fear, etc… find a group, something you are passionate about and throw yourself head first into it. At fist you may feel like you’re faking it. guess what, you are! But in time you will feel alive again. Full of hope and goals. Ready to set your soul on fire and challenge yourself to what’s hard for you to do.

Woman running by the ocean beach at sunset

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