…started off with a new book on the patio. Anyone ever read this? I know it’s been out a gtrainwhile and they are making a movie, but I finally have the chance to sit and read now. Is it any good? I was hesitant to read the book before the movie. Books have the benefit of being able to take their sweet time as the plot moves forward. I’ve seen so many movies get low ratings from the book readers of that title. I don’t think it’s fair. I think a movie and a book have to be rated and entertained differently because of the medium each has to deal with. Your thoughts?

We seem to have some wicked pretty clouds starting to move through in time for me to snap a few shots. I love cloud formations. It’s art in the sky and more lovely because it’s so temporary. Check out this site if you are a cloud lover.

See those pants I have on? They are INKnBURN. These Rose Capris I wear everywhere. They look just like denim but are so soft and so comfy. They are awesome when I have ti transition from going out to lunch with a friend and then heading to the gym. Or worn to work and then they can be dressed up a bit for a casual night out. And when I run in them people ask “how can you run in denim?” Ha, INKnBURN lets me, that’s how! Today I took these beauties out to lunch then breezed through the grocery store for a fruit and veggie haul. Then headed right back out for strength training, it was a leg day 😓 And they we the perfect capri for this kind of rushed day!

These pass easily as denim! The first is Rose Capri, that’s what I have on in the photo above. This one is no longer in stock, but that’s ok because in this area it’s getting cooler and the the second photo IS in stock and they are the Rose Performance Denim!! I have to get mine hemmed (I’m a shoty) but they are beautiful! And the color is nice enough to dress down or dress up! But unlike denim, they don’t fade!! The third photo is the blue and white striped Dahlia Capris, some sizes are still left, but hurry this design is really popular!


October is finally here and hopefully the temps and humidity will get a bit more under control. I love training in cooler weather. My body does not like humidity at all. And October brings apple, cinnamon and pumpkin everything which I give a big thumbs up to! I will be sharing recipes so keep a look out! Autumn is my favorite time of year autumn_leaves_PNG3582.png


Had some time so just wanted to chat, hope you are all having an amazing weekend!





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