Sugar Skulls, Phone Problems & Halloweeeeen

I LOVE these tights!! Going through my INKnBURN to see what I have for all the ambHalloween/Autumn races coming up. Thought I would snap a quick photo. My phone is bad with photo’s , sticking and just generally being  bad, and I can FINALLY get a new phone since my contract is up!!

If you have recommendations drop a comment below. I want something with amazing photo capabilities! Something better than a Galaxy S6. I will leave Android behind in a flash for something with photo capabilities that aren’t grainy 😠

Anyhoo…the tights are called Sugar Skull and unfortunately they are sold out at INKnBURN but I think the Ultra Running Company has a couple smaller sizes left and if you are inclined, the Netherlands store, We Run Together has several sizes left too!

The sugar skull design is one that InB revisits from time to time with new conceptions on the design. It’s such a sweet looking piece of art! I’m always happy when they come out with something new in the Sugar Skull design line.  Below are some of the Sugar Skulls designs of the past, beautiful!!

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s such a fun time of year!! All the unusual recipes and amazing craft project ideas!! Costumes and parties. Autumn and Halloween themed races!!! I love this time of year!!



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