Autumn Skies & Matthew


I’m thankful for the cooler weather to train in. I am notoriously not a warm weather
runner. I think I need to relocate up north for better for coolerme, running conditions 😊

Tonight the sky was gorgeous and it was hovering around 70 degrees, perfection 💋 But it comes at a price because what’s driving those temps down is Hurricane Matthew driving those cool breezes this direction.

My heart hurts for the destruction Matthew is already leaving in it’s wake in Haiti and Cuba. And it seems to be well on on it’s way towards the states and Florida is already considering evacuations the last I heard. Please be safe, get your kids, and your pets and evacuate if they say to go. You have the time, get it together and get somewhere safe. Don’t forget your furkids!

Click the button below for the National Hurricane Center’s

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist


The Government Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

National Hurricane Center Up To Date Info


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