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Determining your Race Recovery Timea22f2557-316b-43fe-a5ab-abef5aac6bcf

Race time is just one factor to consider when determining recovery time. The time it takes to fully recover from a race depends on many factors, some of which are outlined later in this article.

When I refer to full recovery, I insinuate that you are recovered from the race completely—so that you can do a race-quality training session or another race with no residual fatigue or affects remaining from your last event.

A quick guide to estimate race recovery time follows:

  • Cycling Races: one to three days per hour of racing
  • Triathlon Races: three to five days per hour of racing
  • Running Races: four to six days per hour of racing  More…

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2 thoughts on “RunJunkEes® Tip Of The Week

  1. I like the photo and that’s exactly what I was thinking this afternoon when I went out running. I haven’t slept well for the past few nights and I got up at 5:30 this morning for work. I was groggy and felt like I was watching the world in slow motion. After work I came home, changed into running gear and off I went. I could have hunkered down with a nap instead of running but I knew a run would benefit me more that sacking out for a few hours. Yeah, I get it.

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    1. You don’t always remember how much better you actually feel after you put yourself out there and push yourself. Even that sleep or nap once you get it afterwards is even better than it would have ever been had you not gone out for that run! Happy you get it, your body and brain is better for it 🙂


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