My 50 Things

So here’s my list of 50 things that I want to do (and will do) with my life in the next 20 years.

1) A Half Marathon

2) Open a business

3) Adopt another dog, or two

4) Have a formal wedding

5) Live in Hawaii

6) Live in Washington State

7) Learn to play violin

8) Go parasailing

9) Learn to rock climb

10) Take up photography

11) Learn to rappell

12) Travel to Europe

13) Learn to swim

14) Adopt a hedgehog

15) Do New Years Eve at Times Square

16) Move to Eaurope

17) Start a second business

18) Learn to DJ

19) Become a better dancer

20) Buy a camper van to travel to festivals in

21) Go away to a yoga retreat

22) Finish losing the weight

23) Maintain that weight loss

24) Invest money

25) Buy a small boat

26) Host a masquerade ball

27) Hike the appalacian trail (or part of)

28) Finally go to DC

29) Go back to school

30) Read at least 500 new books

31) Learn to design jewelry (better)

32) Help someone change their life

33) Become a nutritionist

34) Go deep sea diving

35) Do mornings better

36) Open a club/coffee shop

37) Attend a Sia concert

38) See Boy George DJ again

39) Buy an old house

40) Become a better student of Buddhism

41) Go skiing

42) Become a better Yogi

43) Be able to donate to charities on a regular basis

44) Become a pastry chef

45) More concerts

46) Take a train across the US (did it once want to do it again) write about it

47) Become a better blogger

48) Travel more

49) Attend Coachella

50) Buy land


3 thoughts on “My 50 Things

  1. Great list Susan! I’m so happy you made this list! I enjoyed reading it:) I saw that you said you also wanted to read 500 new books that’s impressive:) Again this is a great list, and like I said in my post, now you’ll know what opportunities to say yes and no to, and what information you should be learning from in order to achieve your goals. Make sure that some of those books that you’re going to be reading will help you achieve what’s on this list:) I wish you all the luck with your goals:)

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