Old Glory Relay & Hurricane Matthew

The Old Glory Relay is a relay run done by Team RWB. We all walk or run continuously with14581576_10102037125396507_4339818343796974772_n Old Glory in hand. The National RWB does it across the United States choosing different areas of the country every year. Our local chapter did a 24 hour relay.

And this weather map is how the weather was looking during my time slot. It was pouring down and very windy as we were getting the tropical storm effects from the tail end of Hurricane Matthew. Sadly this storm left a lot of devastation in it’s path. From the Caribbean to the United States Matthew left people homeless, powerless and flooded. And many many lives were lost. Haiti I believe was hit the worst and the country is left torn to shreds and upwards of 900 or more souls were lost not to mention any unaccounted for as yet, those who are seriously hurt and any animals and wildlife that were killed in this hurricanes path. How To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Matthew In Haiti & The U.S., or do a search online for ways you can reach out to help.

Our leadership I know had considered rescheduling the event because of the weather. But felt we could play it by ear and hour to hour. The event “camp” was actually at an athletic center (Vault Athletics and Fitness ), so we could always use a treadmill if need be. So we began. And the first runner was out.

By the time it was my turn the weather was getting nastier as you can see from the map blogabove. Craig passed the flag to me. And my first reaction (this was my first time running with old glory) was how heavy the rain made the flag. But the rain felt good and the camaraderie and friendship made the time fun and memorable.  My team mates Lisa and Meghan walked/ran with me and the last mile of three I did, Jenny came out and did the last part of my time block with us. I am thankful and humbled that we were able to be out and doing this. As we lapped I thought of those who could not do this, those who’s lives were taken by Hurricane Matthew. It reminded me how each and every day is a gift. One we can’t take for granted. And how precious friendship is and the support and love we share with the world around us.

And Meghan even had a fun swim


I went home shortly after my time block and wish that I had stayed through the night with them. Some who were supposed to run in the wee hours of morning couldn’t make it because of flooding. It got pretty rough with the winds and the rainfall accumulation. But the team persevered through the night.

I kept a close listen to the weather before I finally shut my eyes for the night and many in the surrounding areas lost power, lots of flooding and some trees down in the area. I’m not sure if more lives were lost here but I know one man drowned while checking a storm drain 😢

At some point through the night the team took it indoors and stayed safe and much dryer but kept the flag and themselves moving

Finally the final runner, Tony, brought it home. It was an amazing time with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known.


I am so proud to know each and every one of them. They are my team, they are my tribe ❤️



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