Me and my friends would have been leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow. A long overdue still1009_00000_1476024241637_6453564_ver1-0and much needed getaway. But then Hurricane Mathew hit and well as you can see, that area of Myrtle Beach (Cherry Grove)had a horrendous fire the day the hurricane hit and several buildings caught on fire. The high winds of the hurricane blew debris and burning embers to other structures after what they think was a transformer blowing and one building catching fire.

The people we were renting the time share from said the area was in bad shape. Huge amounts of cleanup, inspections, rebuilding and elimination of safety concerns were going to take quite some time and the area was not open to tourists and guests. At some point the time share (we won the stay for trip at a raffle) would be rescheduled but when. hard to say. Hopefully before the end of the year, if not some time next year.

So many lost so much due to this hurricane.
Rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew to take time in Myrtle Beach

But we all had time off and now nothing to do. So my friends are headed here to spend the week frolicking the beach (yayy we still have beach weather!) and taking in some sights of the season. Not really a vacation for me, but I feel lucky all the same. Like I said, so much loss for so many. In my area we had some major flooding and trees down and a lot of sanitary cleanup is being done. And many trails are still washed, parks flooded and debris cleanup is still ongoing in many neighborhoods.


So it will be a fun time! A little relaxing, a little night life, a little haunting good times! No, it’s not going to be a getaway. But it will be time well spent with great friends and much laughter and tons of memories to be made!!

I will try and take pictures to share with you all here! Have a great weekend everybody!


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