Strength Training Today

No, I didn’t just lay down on the floor lol. I’m keeping busy today. I did a 55 minute Les Mills Pump routine. I highly recommend Les Mills OnDemand if you can’t catch classes at a local gymand/or have a limited budget. Today I did Bodypump, but they have video classes for a vast array of workout styles. Dance, Yoga, Cycling, and different styles of resistance body weight training. I love Les Mills at the gym, but when I can’t get out or am on a time crunch, this fills in perfectly. It covers everything running doesn’t cover. Plus great music and trainers to lead the way!

I also did the stairs (in the pic below). I didn’t count my reps, it was an add on, but steps is an easy do since I just have to walk outside. So I throw this in a bit every day, even on run days. Later I’m going to do a bit more elliptical work but for now, dinner is in my near future! Be on the lookout for my Bean & Rice Soup recipe!

I personally think my Unicorn Hunter Hat helped make this workout extra awesome, what do you think?



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