Butternut Squash “Meatloaf” By: Jerry James Stone

This recipe just appeared in the latest Cotsco Magazine and it sounds delicious!!!!!

You can find more of his fabulous recipes here & here!!


7 thoughts on “Butternut Squash “Meatloaf” By: Jerry James Stone

  1. I tried this butternut squash ‘meatloaf’ recipe but cannot get it to firm up. I baked two loaves in a 350-degree oven for 60 minutes but could only get the temperature at center of each loaf to be 175 degrees. Would you recommend I bake longer or at different temperature? What is the feature to look for to indicate “done”? These are so mushy as to not be sliceable.

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    1. I would use a meat thermometer. They should be done at 165F. But, with these you have to let them settle in the poan, almost like cooling cookies. It sets as it cools. I let mine cool almost completely then after slicing I have set it ion the oven just to warm, or microwave to temp.


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