I will call this day, yellow. Because I kicked the dark sides butt!



Bright sunshine, warm but not sweaty warm, great day to be outside. Great day to be alive. And looking good in my INKnBURN Bee Tech if I may say so 😊

Life is why I train to run. Why I like to walk and hike. Why I strength train. Computers, TV, desk jobs, cars, etc.. I always remind myself if I didn’t motivate myself to get my training in, I would always be on my butt. Sitting will not add years to my life. Only getting up and getting it done will.

Last night I was up late, very very late. And that led to waking up very very late. Which led to wanting to just make it a lazy couch potato day. Or what I will call, the dark side darth_vader_smiley_by_mondspeer-d7bktjq.png  I’m not your average happy runner. I’m not a natural athlete. I’m much much more like Simon Pegg in Run Fat Boy Run. It’s hard and I get frustrated. But I’m determined and will do it.




Back to wanting to be be lazy and the dark side trying to take over ⚠️ I knew I had a choice to make. So I decided, “don’t think”. If I think, I will give myself excuses and self assurance that taking a day off will be just fine. Well, remember when I did that a few months ago, and yeah I stopped training for nearly three months. So I didn’t think about it. I just skipped morning coffee, drank some water with lemon and laced up my shoes and went right out the door. I don’t need your cookies, and if I want a cookie, I will earn a cookie! I was grumpy as I headed out the door. I wanted my coffee lol. But once I was out there, I had zero regrets. I felt physically better and was proud of myself for not caving in. And I didn’t get a cookie, but I did stop and get a coffee on my way back 😉


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