Hear Me Roar & VOTE!


Did my miles today straight to the voting booth! No lines to wait in at all where I voted. It was peaceful (well it was at a church) and they had huge signs not allowing canvassing on the property. I appreciated that. No one is changing someone’s mind as they walk into the voting booth. And with this election, choices and divisions were marked pretty clearly and choices made before debates ever even began.

Every time I vote I am reminded that women have only had the right to vote for less than 50 years. And I never want us to lose that vote. We all have a right to cast our ballot and have a say to the electoral college how we want our country to be run. Never ever allow discrimination or intimidation to stop you from letting your voice be heard by casting your ballot.   Make sure if you are ever prevented from going into the voting site, or harassed, assaulted or prevented in any way from entering the polls, contact someone to report the problem.


Thank you to  Susan B. Anthony,  Elizabeth Cady Stanton,  Lucy Stone and the Suffragette Movement that won we women this crucially important step towards equality and the ability for our voices to be heard.







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