Taming The Monkey Mind

INKnBURN Buddha Tech & Chenille Capri

Feng Shui To Tame The Monkey Mind

The practice of Feng Shui seems daunting until you realize the simplicity of it. You are simply arranging the spaces you occupy in ways that positive energy flows more freely and using color, plants, flowers, gem stones to not only decorate, but to help direct and enhance or strengthen that energy flow. So once you know some basics, you will be able to create living and working spaces that aid in productivity, promote better health, achieve more fluidity in your life and generate more harmony in your life.

Clutter in your mind makes focus very difficult, and it extends to the world around you. Yout work performance, fitness levels, athletic abilities, interpersonal relationships, etc.. If you can’t still your mind, you can’t focus your energies towards whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Everything has a cause and affect. So a home or workspace that is cluttered and lacking proper energy flow, in turn, will create more internal chaos. Our homes especially should be set with intention to calm the troubled mind and allowing us to recharge and prepare for the next day, the big race, or whatever your plans may be.

This cluttered mind aspect is also referred as “The Monkey Mind” in Buddhists terms meaning “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable”. Incorporating principals of Feng Shui in your life will help to tame, or calm, the monkey mind. And ultimately this will carry over into every aspect of your life. Your career, your marriage, your hobbies, and yes, your athletic ability and your running.  I’m no Feng Shui teacher. If anything I am but a student. But I have some starting points for you to check out below! I hope this helps, even in the smallest of ways. I know something as simple as adding a plant to a room has helped my ability to calm my monkey mind and help with my walks/hikes/runs to be more focused and even meditative.





An 8-Point Guide to a Feng Shui House

FENG SHUI 101: Getting Started with the Basics


Runner’s World – To achieve bliss as a runner, you need to tame your “monkey mind.”

Find Zen Through Running

Guided meditations for your workouts


Tips to stay focused on your run, not get bored and limit the monkey mind!
1. Choose a mantra. Something you will easily remember, something that inspires and motivates you. It could be as simple as “make it happen” or “I can and I will”. Say it over and over to yourself, especially when you feel like stopping.
2. Dedicate your run. Or even each mile to something different. It can be to a friend who’s sick, someone who’s life was cut short, your children, etc.. Anyone or thing that will be that jolt of inspiration to you when you feel like your crashing or not running as well as you’d like to be. Often our own expectations of ourselves not be met can dampen our resolve and weaken our will to keep pushing forward. Dedicating the time you’re investing to someone or something you care about will keep you moving when your spirit is weak.

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