I got the eye of the tiger…..


This has been a long week. The before and the aftermath (still happening) of this election cycle has been draining. And when you’re emotionally invested in the outcome of something and the outcome went the other direction it can take the wind out of your sails. It can feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. And although right now it feels like our country is doing a bad dance of two steps back and ten in the wrong direction, we as a people will continue to keep moving forward. We will not let go of our ideals and our hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow for our country. And we will live to fight another day.

And for me, personally that means to involve myself deeper into the politics of this country. To get more involved on a grassroots level and learn more facts and ask more questions. To talk with more people about the politics of our country. To be an active participant, not just when election days draw near. It’s our responsibility as citizens to invest ourselves in our country. Not sit by passively. This is what this election has taught me.

So I will continue to stand behind those I care about and those who’s rights are at risk now. I will continue to fight for our climate and our wildlife. And I will continue to support and back the politicians who’s dream for this country mirrors my own. And will carry hope that the next four years Mr. Trump does right by this country that we all hold so dear and that the worst fears that most (popular vote majority) of it’s people are dealing with right now, do not come to pass.

Treat each other well. And for those of you on the losing side of this election, let’s get back to work!


Join Bernie Sanders and Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

We the People ask President Obama to immediately appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court

Sign the petition: Abolish the Electoral College

The political revolution continues



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