So I went searching for something different and with an autumn take on the deliciousness that is pizza! Pizza is my favorite food in the whole world and I’m always on a quest to make it healthier, so I have a happy tummy as well as happy taste buds 👍 And let’s face facts here even if you’re an avid runner, or athlete. pizza and pizza toppings can get crazy unhealthy for you.


I came across this slice of autumn bounty today and wanted to share my find with you!! I haven’t tried this recipe, yet, but it will be on my menu at some point this season, yum 🍕

My pizza will be a “hold the onions” version (just not an onion lover). But I wouldn’t change anything else!!

Vegetarian Roasted Apple, Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Vegan? Here’s another I came across that’s a keeper for my recipe files!


Peaceful Potato, Pesto, And Arugala Pizza


Some Facts about Pizza

  • 997 CE is the oldest recorded mention of the word “pizza”
  • Pizza originated in Naples, Italy.
  • The first pizzas were just dough and tomato sauce – no cheese.
  • Antica Pizzeria was the world’s first pizzeria. It opened in Naples, Italy in 1738.
    It wasn’t until 1889 that cheese was first added to pizza in Italy, when famous pizza chef Raffaele Esposito made a pizza for Queen Margherita using tomato, basil, and cheese to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Today, the simple margherita pizza remains one of the most popular pizzas in the world.
  • We can thank the Italian immigrants for bringing pizza into America!! Grazie per gli italiani per introdurre l’America alla pizza! New York, Boston, New Haven, Conn., and Trenton, N.J. were the first US cities to introduce pizza on menu’s.
  • The first American pizzeria was opened in New York City in 1905 at Lombardi’s
  • Much of pizza as we know it here in America is not traditional Italian pizza. Especially not what you get from chain pizzeria’s
  • The largest pizza ever made was at Norwood Hypermarket in South Africa. It was 122 feet 8 inches across, weighed 26,883 pounds, contained 3,968 pounds of cheese, and 1,984 pounds of sauce.
  • The Hawaiian pizza was invented in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos, a native of Greece who ran a pizza place in Canada.
  • It is estimated that about three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year.
    Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States.
  • The most pizzas are delivered (and eaten) on New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, and Super Bowl Sunday.
  • About 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the United States.
  • About 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza every month.


Want to avoid eating pizza on National Pizza Day, but still want to celebrate? Then you can get your zen on and color away with a super fun pizza themed adult coloring book!!

Zen and the Pizza-ful Mind: A Pizza Themed Adult Coloring Book

Happy National Pizza Day!


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