Goodbye November


Oh my gosh, it’s already December! November flew by like a flash. This time of year is so special. Everyone is just a little kinder & everything just has a bit more sparkle & shine.

Living in a warm weather climate has some major advantages, but not in December. I mean seriously we hardly ever get snow. And when we do, it melts within a day. And there’s a lot less holiday ⛄️ festivity around the town. Fewer people decorate for the season and those who do usually just throw a strand of white lights around the roof, or the porch/patio. I like heading back home(s) in December. We don’t get to do it as often as we’d like but both my husband and I come from states where blizzard is in the weather forecast vocabulary ❄️But back home(s) they decorate, and some go all out with the lights and silly inflatables. Sometimes it’s even tacky looking, but even that is something special and something I miss.


December is also a time when everyone starts reflecting on the past year. How can next year be improved. Our hopes and dreams get wrapped into resolutions and marks on a calendar as we prepare to be better humans. Self improvements to home improvements. Flights of fancy off the bucket list. And looking within to see how we can “be the change” in our small way to better our world around us. And those thoughts have a way of manifesting outward and in December we become that better person we hope to be. Ok, ok, maybe not with our diets 🍪🍾 or improving our finances 🎁✈️🎄🔯


BUT, we do open our hearts just a little more. We donate to charities, give more at church, reach out to homeless and shelters. We give blankets to wildlife rescues and add our favorite animal shelter to our amazon smiles account. We become better versions of ourselves and are more prone to giving and being charitable. It really is a wonderful time of the year. The key is to keep that momentum going into the New Year! THIS, this is my focus for the upcoming year! That and run training more and turning down the offer of donuts more 😊 When January rolls around I’ll post my resolutions. It’s good to have accountability that way!


So, DECEMBER! It’s really here with all the trimmings and celebrations! I’m the kind of person who tries in vain to keep a running to do list in my head. So this December I decided to make a list. 


  • Finish shopping, EARLY (already almost done!). This is seriously a first for me!
  • Get Holiday Cards actually in the mail…making out the cards, stuffing the envelopes, addressed & stamped aaaaaaand they never make it to the post office. Yep, I’m that girl, more than once. Or they get sent out late, not so festive to get your card after New Years.
  • I plan on doing some baking, mmmm cookies. And maybe making some food gifts!
  • Donations already done ✔️ Which means I can do more ❤️
  • Decorations are going up late late late because I need them to stay looking pretty through the end of December. Celebrations have been extended this year!
  • Making appointments for January so I actually get them in January lol.


I know I’m leaving things off my list, but now that I started one, I’ll add to, quickly! Have to started decorating? Baking? Shopping? Any great deals you’ve come across? 




8 thoughts on “Goodbye November

    1. I completely agree. We have two shelters we donate to throughout the year. And I always use amazon smiles. Through Team RWB we do volunteer work in the community too. And we volunteer at the national parks. I’m much happier giving than receiving ❤


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