Look at this sweet design!!! INKnBURN is a California based company so this design is a really special one for the company. I think whether from Cali, vacationed in Cali, Cali dreamin, or just have a Cali state of mind this tech shirt calls out “wear me”!! To me this screams skater wear đź’— But it’d double for running and hiking!


The California Tech Shirt
Inspired by elements of the state flag, make sure you get a closer look using the magnifying feature on our website, the details are amazing!
Get one for you and also a great gift!

5 thoughts on “California

  1. I was booked to go to San Francisco on my own this October, but three weeks before I was due to leave my Doctor decided I was not fit enough to travel (I do have medical problems), anyhow he has told me I should be fine for 2017 so I am hoping to go to SF in September, perhaps I should have one of these, even at my age.

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    1. I am 67 poppet, born 1949. I always wanted to see San Francisco, I am going completely on my own, no tour group or anything like that, Dr told me when he approved me for next year, “I think you are very brave going on your own”, made me wonder then, but I need to go. I will look at the INKnBURN again, thank you. Take care.

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