Peeling Paint – Happy 6 Years InB!


I have a big love for designs like these. A little abstract, just a few colors, or shades of colors. There’s something rich about designs like these. Like sculpture, or abstract painting. The men’s is my hubby’s style and I think I want one of each!


Happy 6th Anniversary InB! 


Celebrating Six Years of INKnBURN!”
We just hit our 6th anniversary of launching our online business! To celebrate we’ve put together a special edition pre-order of our Peeling Paint Tech Shirt that started it all. This was the design that Rob Tsuyuki, (visionary & risk taker), put together to convince Megan Tsuyuki, (cautious & practical), to change their business from printing on t-shirts to cutting and sewing athletic apparel. (They didn’t even own a sewing machine at the time!)”

“Please note, this is a pre-order design so, it will be 6 – 8 weeks before we start shipping. Actual production time will depend on the number of orders we receive.”

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