The Multiple Intelligence Quiz & My Results

Congratulations, you’re Nature Smart!

Naturalistic intelligence refers to one’s sensitivity to the natural world.

Individuals who are high in this type of intelligence are more in tune with nature and are often interested in nurturing, exploring the environment, and learning about other species. These individuals are said to be highly aware of even tiny subtle changes to their environments.

Idol:  Steve Irwin

Characteristics of Naturalist Intelligence

  • Has a great sensitivity for nature and wildlife preservation
  • May enjoy camping, gardening, hiking and exploring the outdoors
  • Interested in subjects such as botany, biology and zoology
  • Animals are attracted to them


The Four Elements Personality Quiz & My Results


As a Water person you are gentle yet deeply complex and layered.

Strengths: Empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, caring, nurturing, good at listening, open-minded, accepting, mystical, artistic.

Weaknesses: Self-pitying, moody, unreliable, unpredictable, resentful, illogical, weak-willed, addictive personality.

Power Stones: Moonstone, aquamarine, lapis lazuli

Sacred Colors: Silver, turquoise, blue

How the water type can become more balanced: Learn to balance emotion with thought (the right side of the brain with the left). This will help you to become more emotionally and psychologically stable.




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