Exquisite Beauty Of The Crane


This design is like poetry in motion to me. It’s fluid and graceful while giving a sense of calm strength. This is now one of my favorite designs from INKnBURN. The tights are exquisite and the tech shirt seems designed to bring out the beauty of the tights even more, like background music to the dance! I also have the Cherry Blossom Tech Shirt I will mix and match. It’s like autumn/winter and spring/summer.


Here’s all the info on the new design from the INKnBURN Newsletter!


Grace of the Crane
At first glance our new Women’s Crane Tech Shirt looks like a study in form-flattering geometry. If you look closer though, you will find an origami crane, a beautiful symbol of hope and perseverance. There is a belief that if you fold 1,000 cranes, such an extreme effort will be rewarded with a wish being granted.
Our Women’s Crane Tights feature two Japanese red-crowned cranes with the breeze swirling delicate pink blossoms and feathers around them. Cranes have long been associated with happiness, balance and grace. They are also the oldest known species of bird still in existence, perhaps that is why cranes are also a symbol of wisdom and longevity. Since we place all our art by hand before sewing, we are able to create a dynamic and form-flattering design like this, that you won’t find anywhere else. It also allows us to place a handy camouflaged pocket on the right thigh, perfect for stashing a phone or key! 

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