Dandelions, Fruits and Updates…


Yesterday was a beautiful, sweaty, messy workout day! I’m keeping true to my word for the month “MOVE” and staying motivated. I’m thankful I was wearing my Dandelion Longsleeve Tech, it made me feel beautiful even though I was a hot mess after my run/walk/run training LOL. Getting a new hair cut and color this month! I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been doing all shades of red for quite a while now and I’m going to try and head in another direction for a while. Will post pictures!!

My sweet hubby surprised me with a fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. He completely supports my fruit addiction lol. It’s a delicious treat we indulge in once in a while! A plate of this with some green veggies, and some nuts, sooooooo good!


Happy I got that run in yesterday because today we were hit with a “blizzard” in Virginia. It got cold fast and it snowed and became really windy making roads dangerous. And we aren’t equipped like the cold weather states are with rock salt and a fleet of snow plows. So a lot closes down when we get snow here. With that, the snow stays nice and pristine looking till it melts, which is usually pretty quickly.

Admittedly I’ve been really distracted this last month and not as present here with my blog as I’d like to be. But that’s changing. I just am sorting out how to divide my time in healthy ways. Blogging is a healthy endeavor but computer time can be distracting and take away from other activities in life. So I think my blogging will be happening pretty late in the evenings from now on as life gets busier. I’m taking on more hobbies, will be job hunting soon and we are moving in a couple months so blogging will be my late night indulgence!

I will be sharing some super awesome stuff (in my opinion anyway) with you tonight to try and clear up my saved items. East Coaster’s getting hit with the blizzard of January 2017, be safe out there. Cozy up with some hot cocoa, soft socks, a fuzzy blanket and read some blogs!


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