It’s been a super busy month! My hubby came home from deployment after a long 7 months away and we’ve been on the go ever since!!!


First we had planned to move into a different apartment complex as soon as he was home. So apartment hunting began pretty quickly. But it only took a couple days to find the perfect place. And right next door to a park that’s great for run training. A bit of flat surface and some nice little upgrades on the terrain along with some hills for hill repeats. Time to get serious again with this! But we are so stoked to be moving into this new place, we have a fireplace!!! BUT that also means we had a lot to do. We’re moving starting tomorrow. So we had a two bedroom apartment to pack up in about 2 weeks since we were taking a week long getaway smack dab in the middle of everything.


Next we too a trip to New Jersey to see the hubs amazing family. No seriously I hit the jackpot as far as in-laws and marrying into a family. They are fabulously loving people. I consider myself lucky all the way around. We had a lot of fun and this was LATE Christmas celebrations, so it was extra special for his homecoming.


I’m still trying to make sure I’m taking some time to get in some walks and runs though in between all the packing. But that’s what’s kept me away for the past month. Just been really busy trying to pack and be ready for the move. Keith and I are starting to move small things the next two days and then the movers will be here Friday for the furniture and boxes. Saturday whatever small stuff is left we will have friends in town to help us get that stuff finished. And then the unpacking commences lol. Sooooooo…hopefully next week this time I will be back to regular blogging and back at training regularly too.

To those of you whose blogs I follow, I’m trying to keep up with all your blog posts but as an example, right now I have 800 emails waiting to be viewed, ahhhhh!!!! Wish us luck this weekend all goes smoothly!


One thought on “Updates:

  1. Congrats on the move and best of luck moving forward! I’m trying to find time to train for races as well, it’s no easy task haha. I think my next one is the Phillies 5k in April so I have some time.


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