All The Special Spaces

We moved!! And we are in love 💞 We took the time to make special spaces. Little nooks that hold a special meaning, bring harmony, inspire and excite. I wanted to share some with you!

The Entryway (Foyer)



This is my most favorite window in the apartment and we have some nice windows. I refuse to cover this window up. Instead I hung a glass bobble that belonged to one of my best friends, family really, who passed away at the very young age of 26. After he past this was one of the things left to me.

A special place for a special something!




The Living Room



For the things you have no place for, decorative storage boxes! We had a lot more closet space in the other apartment for things like weights, weight plates, resistance bands, etc. I found these super cute nautical boxes at Michael’s, on sale! Living room is neat and tidy with pretty boxes and you’d never guess the contents unless we told you 😉

Also in the living room I added some silk flowers at the top of our tall bar. Eye catching next to our dolphin statue that keeps breaking (alas this is why the baby is in the incense part of the statue). The was bought for me somewhere overseas, not sure where.

The teals and blues in our living room matched nicely with this little wood plaque I found on my Michael’s trip. It’s a daily dose of motivation for us!

Illumination & Scentsation (yep made my own word). This little lamp is my favorite lamp. We have anchor lamps, but this one is special 💙 I think we bought the lamp from Wayfair online?  And the warmer is a little more teal than it looks in this photo. But I love Scentsy!

We have a fireplace!! A wood burning fireplace!! I am so excited about this. And the little white dog I found at Christmastime it sat alone on a shelf for weeks at what was then our local grocery store. It being a chihuahua and having lost our little chi girl late summer it was still an open wound and this little white chihuahua called to me to take her home. So, I did and it worked into the few decorations I put up. But when everything was packed away after the holidays, the little white chihuahua statue somehow was missed in the holiday packing. So I presumed she was not really a “holiday” dog, even though she was found among all the holiday decorations on the shelf during the after holiday sale. So she now sits proudly at the fireplace, a guardian of our hearth.

The Dining Room


Our dining area has a completely different feel than the beachy and bright living room. To be honest I think I would need 4 or 5 apartments to feed my eclectic decorating ideas. So the dining room is richer hues of greens, deep wine and browns.

The first thing you see as you enter the room is the rather larger two piece lotus wall hanging. This is a super special piece to me and is another that was inherited from my friend who passed away. This piece will always have a prominent place in our home. It has come to mean as much to me as it did to him.

Buddha lives here in the dining room. And the wee box that sits in front of him is filled with tiny pretty stones and sea shells I’ve collected over the years. In Buddha’s hand is very pretty stone wrapped in molten silver with a silver dragonfly. This has always been a lucky piece for me. Kind of my version of a worry stone.

On the breakfast bar I created a whimsical fairy vase. The two fairy’s dancing in the grapevines were another holiday tree decoration that just never made it to stay with the holiday decorations. In no way does this go with the rest of the decor in the room but I love them nevertheless!

And we made a tea cart that sits off to corner of the room to hold all our pots, teas and tea accessories. It’s a corner of the room that just gives off the vibe of relaxation. And perfect for after dinner/before bed sipping.

The Bathroom


Brian Kessinger designs some of the cutest strangest paintings I’ve ever seen. He is one of my favorite artists and this one found it’s home in our bathroom! If you’d like to see more of his work, check out…

Brian Kessinger’s Tea Girls

The Office/Game Room


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add some of my hubby’s doing. I’m not as much of a gamer as he is, but this is really quite cool looking. I love the colors and the energy it vibes is intense! This room is pretty much all his to decorate. It’s deep reds, purples and blacks. The room has a bit of an oriental flare to it. I seriously need multiple homes lol!

And lastly….

The Bedroom

PicMonkey Collage Our bedroom is done in dark ocean blue with touches of green. Kind of a dark water thing going on. The artwork in the middle (The Legend of Zelda: The hardest battle lies within (original)) is our color pallet we’re working off of. It’s an in progress kind of project.

The Scentsy warmer and lava lamp are peaceful and help me get my zzzz’s. I’m a horrid insomniac that’s learning all kinds of tricks to get my sleep goals accomplished for the night!

Thanks for taking a walk around the apartment with me. I guess it was a way to show a bit of “me” to all of you. I’m quirky and eclectic and rather quiet so I guess hard to get to know. So little things like this help show you me and my world!



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