Take your meditation outside!


Take your meditation practice out into Nature. 

 Nature makes it easier to calm down. We are a society of anxiousness. Nature has a way of automatically slowing you down and lowering blood pressure!

Painted Feather Capris By: INKnBURN

If your thoughts wander a bit during meditation, the sound of birds chirping. water flowing or wind rustling through trees can quickly refocus you!

By sitting on the ground with bare feet you will connect with the Earth. The Earth is sending you good energy!

In nature you can find solitude and solitude = quiet.

Meditation mixed with nature helps you reconnect to the natural environment which tends to reminds us all of what in life is truly important!

Even the scents in nature help with meditation. A natural form of incense and incense, spirit-nature-quote-1-picture-quote-1scents in general (think of aromatherapy) can be calming, or invigorating. This will help with the focus and intent of your meditation.

The sunshine is amazing for bringing a feeling of warmth and calm to your body. People living near the beach or coastal towns generally have a much more chill attitude. This is because of all that sunshine and ocean creates great vibes!








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