Bunny Compression Leg Sleeves!!!!


These are so stinkin cute!!!! But they are limited edition, so they won’t last long! I LOVE compression leg sleeves. My legs are so thankful for me wearing them when I run. Leg pain is minimized and recovery time is optimized. So what are compression Leg Sleeves (see video below)?






How Compression Works

“Compression socks are made of a strong specialized weave of elastic material that fits tightly at the feet and gradually becomes less tight at the knee or thigh. Contracting calf muscles (known as the “calf pump”) propel blood in the leg veins back to the heart. Combined with the use of graduated compression stockings, this limits pressure inside the veins. By reducing venous pressure, symptoms of vein disease are minimized.

Compression wear improves stagnant blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the muscles. It has been shown to reduce lactic acid build-up after exercise and in some cases improve performance of competitive athletes. Recovery times after exercise can also be improved with the use of compression socks. Watch any athletic competition these days and you’re sure to see compression in action.”

American Vein and Vascular Institute

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