Head To The Beach


Spring is in the air and soon local pools will be open and warm enough weather for beach trips. The ocean or just the water in a pool or lake can have amazing effects on your mood and anxiety levels. Going for a swim or floating on a raft, even just catching some rays on the beach or poolside can melt stress away and leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. Do yourself a favor and take mini vacations to your local pool, lake, even a river. Or better yet find a beach and leave the world behind for day or two….


Boosts creativity

Being in a blue space makes you more creative, because it allows your brain to become relaxed, so you are more likely to drift off and imagine possibilities that when under everyday stress is difficult.

Stress melts away

Dangle your toes in the water, float above the waves or going for a swim. The ocean is filled with negative ions that are known to help relieve stress and boost your mood.

*Negative ions enhance our mood, stimulate our senses, improve appetite and sexual drive, provide relief from hay fever, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, allergies, migraines, even post operative pain and burns. Negative ions stimulate the reticuloendothelial system which is a group of defense cells in our bodies which marshal our resistance to disease. Negative ions promote alpha brain waves and increased brain wave amplitude which results in a higher awareness level. The body is better able to absorb oxygen into the blood cells, oxidize serotonin and filter airborne contaminants.Some scientists believe that the positive ions given off by the many appliances we use on a regular basis can leave us feeling angry, cranky, and overworked. Naturally occurring negative ions counteract all of this.


It reduces depression

The sound of the waves can put your mind into a relaxed or even meditative state similar to white or pink noise, only prettier sounding. This reduces anxiety and depression and will relax and improve your state of mind. Even the sound of the gulls flying above and the buzz of happy activity on the beach can lend itself to an uplifted mood. And what about the scent of ocean mist mixed with the scents of coconut oils from people who are using suntan lotions and sunscreens. It can be intoxicating.

Your perspective is changed for the better

Being in and around nature is so soothing. And even when it’s energized by surfing or parasailing it brings a peacefulness to the soul.  It reminds us that there are things bigger on this planet than a rush hour traffic, the girl at work that irks you or the bills sitting on the table.

80-by-the-sea (1)

Fodor’s Travel

80° By The Sea Discover Your Best Vacation Spots

*Prana View Australia

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