Earth Days


Top Earth Day Fun Facts Recycling









What Can You Do?

Trash Free Earth Challenge
Plant A Tree $1
Reduce Your Footprint
Eat Less Meat
Stop Using Disposable Plastic
Plant A Tree (US National Forest) In Honor Of Someone
Plant A Billion Trees
Rainforest Coalition
Go Styrofoam Free
Plastic Free Shopping Guide
Earth Justice
50 Ways To Make Every Day Earth Day
25+ Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Adopt The Planet



6 thoughts on “Earth Days

    1. Thank you 💚 Yes, you are so right. So much more can be done, some do nothing. And there are so many organizations that give ideas and start campaign and projects, globally and locally!

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  1. WiFi signals by trees would be insane😂😂. You meet your pal on your way home planting baobab tree because it offers strong WiFi😂. But the truth is that they offer something much more value as an alternative, life itself. Oxygen.

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