INKnBURN Ambassador Applications Now Open!

Soon it will time for me to step aside and join my fellow long standing ambassadors into the INB Alumni to make room for brand new ambassadors!
I love the brand, the designs, the method of the design process, the artists, the owners, and all my fellow ambassadors. We truly are family who gives encouragement and motivation. Somehow through being an ambassador I began to find my voice and come out of my shell. It allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and to be proud of my personal accomplishments while being an inspiration to others.
I’m honored to be joining the INKnBURN Alumni this July and to be able to continue to be part of such an amazing company as they move forward and bring in new ambassadors allowing them to have their voice and inspire others
Taking Ambassador Applications from now till June1st!

One thought on “INKnBURN Ambassador Applications Now Open!

  1. Good post though im a college drop im no ambassador but anyone gets in my way will get unapologetically removed young or old lol its room for everybody just don’t get in my way im in it forever of cosmetics nail polishes and blogging… 🙂


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