The Team Set Your Soul On Fire Shift



WHO’S READY FOR 🏖SUMMER🏖 Yet??!! This is so freaking exciting, instead of the norm 30 day health & fitness challenge we are doing a 3 MONTH – ALL SUMMER LONG – TEAM WIDE challenge group! The #Set Your Soul On Fire Shift

If you’re serious making lasting change then you need to get in this group! BUT you have to be willing to commit and really show up for yourself! You have to be ready to make an investment in the single most important thing in your life…YOUR HEALTH! When you work on becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, THE HEALTHIEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, your whole world changes in so many positive ways!


 3 day cleanse – to get you and your body ready to learn new good, clean eating habits
30 day supply of Shakeology to help you fight the cravings and give you the vitamin/mineral support your body needs
Access to the ENTIRE streaming fitness library (800+ workouts 😍 – the Netflix of workout streaming 💪🏽) + newest ones releasing in June & July! You gotta join us! (We will be doing Shaun T Week + Pick Your Poison + Shift Shop)
Meal plans, designed by nutritionists & portion containers
3 months of SUPPORT, MOTIVATION and a COMMUNITY OF LIKE MINDED PEOPLE to work alongside of
Free coaching, encouragement, inspiration and tips from ME!

I’ll be doing doubles this next month with the 21 Day Fix + the SYSOF Shift. So stoked to see where I’ll be a few months from now 🔆

Fill out the link below! DEADLINE TO ORDER – MONDAY JUNE 2nd!!!

Time and space is limited so don’t wait to take the shift for your health..YOU ARE CAPABLE – AND YOU ARE READY TO MAKE THE SHIFT!

*United States & Canada Only at this time 🙁 UK soon 😍!!

**Results will vary depending upon starting point, following the programs guidelines, goals and personal effort put in.


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