Plan B


18893467_10213521147882908_1651383073939660644_nSome times plans don’t go as expected, but you have to improvise and move forward!

I told you yesterday about my fitness plans for the next few months. Wellllll…. My 3 Day Refresh won’t arrive in time for me to do it before Shaun Week so I have to rearrange schedules and plans. Still working in the group which now has over 450 amazing people all working on the same goals, similar plans (others are getting their refresh late too). BUT, I have to switch up the schedule because refresh can’t be done during Shaun week since you can only do light yoga/walking for those three days.

“If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool. A is for Adventure, and B is for Bravery. But a rich life is mostly brought to you by the letter C, for the Choice is yours to make it happen.”~ Lifehack

So here goes the new master plan!

  • June 9th to June 11th – Random BOD workouts + my run training
  • June 12th to June 18th – Shaun week on BOD (daily schedule) + my run training 4 days a week.
  • June 19th to 21st – I’ll be doing the 3 Day Refresh. The refresh is a 3 day cleanse that comes with a meal plan and guide to help rid your body of toxins and to get you ready to make good changes with your health & fitness + BOD Yoga Studio. No running these three days, and no heavy workouts. On the refresh you should either do zero workouts, light walking, or light yoga. During the refresh you are supposed to eat a prescribed meal plan and that meal plan doesn’t give you the extra calories for heavy workouts.
  • June 22nd to July 12th – New plan: 21 Day Fix Extreme + my run training 4 days a week
  • July 12th to July 16th – BOD Yoga Studio + my run training 4 days a week
  • July 17th to August 6th – Round 1 Of The Shift Shop + my run training 4 days a week
  • July 7th to August 27th – Round 2 Of The Shift Shop + my run training 4 days a week
  • August 28th to September 17th – Round 3 Of The Shift Shop + my run training 4 days a week



Download 2

Yoga…later I’ll be posting a review of my results & experience with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat! Finished up today and love the results from the 3 weeks + adding Shakeology back into my nutrition plan.

We’ve still been working on cleaning up our eating habits, but so much has improved over the last year and so many lessons learned.



Learning that running is something that’s hard for me and needing to learn to strengthen my legs through workout programs and walking before I take a leap into running, and learning to not only be ok with that, but to love the place I’m in NOW. 

Learning that when I find something that really works to just trust the process and I”ll get there in MY own time, and that’s OK!

Learning my own self worth and that my health should never have a price limit because, LIFE and quality of life matter. People count on me to be healthy and alive. And I owe it to each of them to take the best care of ME for them!

Learning more and more about nutrition and realizing that it’s a calling for me to help myself and others to learn about healthy habits and ways to end unhealthy ones. And to take the steps I need to in order to achieve that goal!

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I feel like a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis. You have to step in and take chances in life. You have to challenge yourself every day. And yeah, you will have failures, you will have set backs and you will occasionally have to adjust your sails and make some sacrifices. But through it all you will learn about yourself and grow, evolve and become a better version of you. 



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