Catching Up – Day 1 – Shaun Week & OMG!

WOW our SYSOF Shift group has 553 members now!! 🔥🔥
We’re on Shaun Week right now!
Two days in! It’s a fabulous mix of Insanity + Focus T25.
The modifier is easy to follow.
The time goes by fast and you get an amazing workout!!
Day 1 (yesterday)
I thought I might die, yes I did. I did the workout AFTER
I went out for a training run 😅 Which was after I almost
collapsed from the killer heat out there! I got two really
hard miles in and then this….
The workout itself works every single part of your body!!
It’s a total body conditioning routine. If you’ve ever done Insanity
or Focus T25, it’s a lil bit of them rolled into one!
I’m a HUGE fan of Shaun T fitness. His workouts are exceptional
for working on your core, core strength. If you carry a lot of your
extra weight in your mid section, his workouts are the bomb!
There’s still time to join in the fun! Join The SYSOF Shift
*Sorry to say but, USA & Canada only at this time



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