Shaun Week – Day 2 (yesterday)

Shaun Week 2
Shaun Week Day 2 (yesterday) – Whoa, what a fabulous week this is! I’m really thankful though for the modifier, and I have to give her mad props, she is so helpful to watch and her moves are so clean and precise. Don’t think you can do it? You certainly CAN!. Shaun T created these workouts for anyone willing to push themselves to reach their goals. He has a chair modifier, included in every workout!

This has been the modifier, so far.

Yeah, I’m a sweaty mess during and after the workout! But in such a short workout, I can feel how much every single muscle in my body is getting a workout done! I hadn’t done a Shaun T workout in a while and I realized how much I missed his programs. I’ve done Focus T25 and some of Insanity Max:30. Hubby and I plan to do Insanity some time before or right after the holidays.

Aaaaaaand new hair (cut/style), messy and sweaty though since it was post-workout. 


 Color will change in a week or so too. To something like this pic below….
This is the cut my hair is too. My hair is a wee bit shorter than this, but it grow and we will keep tweaking the cut/style.

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