Inspired & Grateful


I’m seriously in awe and so inspired by my mentor & friend Amy. I’m grateful I found her as a coach, which turned into a mentor and now becoming a real friend. All the photo’s she’s been sharing from her Elite 10 trip (A gift from the company for making and keeping (4 years in a row) a  top ten team #SYSOF) and the extended vacation time she’s been able to financially cover because of the growth of her business!! This is so motivating 😍 I just had to share with you guys and give her a BIG shout out for all of the amazing work she does leading our team every year to the TOP 10! She is enjoying an all-expense, paid, DREAM vacation for her and her hubby to Italy & Greece and she, without a doubt earned every last bit of it 🙌
When I first started my own coaching business, I did it for the extra accountability, and the discount for my Shakeology. But I’ve quickly realized that I  can create a business that will take me places that I’ve only dared to dream of in the past 👌 I’m going all in on my goals because I have a leader like Amy and all the training to know that I can dream big. 💥 She sets the bar high for herself and us, and she puts in the work & shows us all that we can do it too. Knowing what Amy has achieved in just 6 years as a coach empowers me to dream big and want to reach out to others so they can dream big and make it happen for themselves too!
Thank you Amy for showing me & the #SYSOF team to always live with passion, be true to yourself, set your dreams high, and believe you can achieve them❣️

This was one of her latest posts as her trip took a turn into Greece ( They were previously touring Italy!!)…



I still can’t believe I’m here. A saying really sticks out to me as I text my up and coming rockstars from my team and ask them where they want me to take them when they hit Elite this year. You know what the saying is? “Wether you think you can or you cant, you’re right!” So when I look at the people who quit or fail and hurt the people around them by giving up on something that was once very important to them as I check off bucket list after bucket list, I think…man that would really REALLY suck and I’m glad I’m not them. I don’t EVER want that feeling. Not only because of what my hard work and dedication to helping people live a better life has gotten me but mostly the people around me. If your word is worth nothing, neither are you and I may not be perfect not at least I have that. I find people who finish what they started to be incredible humans. Those are my people! #integrity #selflove #milos #sysof #greece #pma




This is what 6 years of putting in the work did for Amy and will do for our TOP 10 Team, for ME and maybe even for you.  Not only only for your body, but your mind, and your lifestyle as well. You are in charge of where you set your sails to.  I am inspired and am on a Top 10 Team. You can be trained by a Top 10 Team! Join My Team


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