Progress May 31 – June 15


I started my personal focus a while before the rest doing the SYSOF Shift because I started a diet bet with my hubby. We were doing 3 Week Yoga Retreat and decided to just continue that until the SYSOF Shift started. I didn’t do the 3 Day Refresh when everyone else did because mine came late. I’m doing it at the end of Shaun week/before pick my path! But, I did take my stats at my start, which was on May 31st. I’m down 6.4lbs. I haven’t taken measurements yet. I plan to do that after the Reset.

I thought I would share where I am so far as of may 31st!

My daily is:
Vegan Shakeology in the a.m. usually with some fruit & healthy fat (nuts)
Shaun Week w/ some run training 4 days a week
Salad or veggie w/protein and hummus for lunch
Salad & veggies w/protein & carbs for bed
Using MyFitness Pal to track my calories as I tweak my nutrition plan

Things I’m working on this week:
Cleaning up my diet even more, adding more healthy fats and less carbs
Tweaking my calorie intake
Using better form with my workouts

And I have my shopping list ready for doing the 3 Day Refresh!!

6.4 Pounds gone in two weeks! That’s 3.2 pounds a week just from eating real food, working out and drinking Shakeology every day!!!



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