Shaun Week – Day 4

PicMonkey Image.jpg

DAY 4 of Shaun Week- 25 Abs!
I was a lil scared of this one, Shaun T ‘s workouts are notoriously killer on my abs.
I did indeed walk away from the is workout with my abs blasted 💥, I did it!!!  I had to modify a couple things, and my chair is wayyyy too high to use for modifications and other furniture wat too soft, but I did it! And I’m darn proud 😏
His quote from this workout yesterday is still on my brain today, “Everything comes from the core of who you are.”! Mind blown 💥 It’s truth, and when you have a strong core you even carry yourself different and feel stronger, so of course great core strength is going to help with confidence and self absurdness.
🔥I felt the burn!
🔥I embraced the burn!
🔥I am stronger because of the burn!

Our SYSOF Shift Challenge Group is still wide open for you to join. I’ve got you covered all summer long to get you and keep you ready for summer and beyond! You can still catch the whole week of Shaun week on BOD! When we finish up Shaun week, we are all (last count 560+) picking whatever BOD workout we want to challenge ourselves with. Then on July 17th we’ll start our first round of Shift Shop! We’re planning 3 rounds which will take us into September, yayyyy!

This’ll give you all the support, encouragement and a success plan to reach your goals. If you want to join up right now, here’s your link! If you have more questions just reach out via email here! I’d love for you to get in on this, to keep your ☀️summer healthy & crazy fit 💪! *USA & Canada only at this time 

Now to hit up a thrift store for a used “regular height” chair hmmm 🤔

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