Shaun Week – Day 5

 Shaun Week – Day 🖐️

👇Like a boss 👇

Lil’ bit Insanity, lil bit wow! Today I was really focused and didn’t really take any photo’s. It was a hectic kind of day and I wanted to make sure I squeezed this in. Because you know, staying on track has to be one of my major focuses. When I let myself get so distracted I tend to let things like taking the time to workout, I start slipping and letting too many days in between put me in a slump. That’s one of the reasons I love the challenge group, it keeps me honest, keeps me motivated and on track.


I loved Day 5! And I’m looking forward to Day 6. Speed 4.0 (sounds like Focus T25, and that’s one of my favorite programs). Not much time to blog today though, the day was super busy with house cleaning, grocery shopping (3 Day Refresh is coming up!), and a few errands. Headed to sleep early tonight. Volunteering to work the Summer Slam 5K tomorrow with Team RWB and it calls for an early rise!

But, I did want to take the time to put my gratitude out to the universe for the SYSOF Shift Challenge Group. If you are anything like me and you get distracted from working out, or could benefit from some good old fashioned camaraderie, that’s what a challenge group is all about. It’s a no judgement zone. We have people from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds, all different sizes, shapes, and during all different times on their weight loss/fitness/health journey’s. We are over 560 strong, kicking butt every day to achieve our goals and we have each others backs. I 💙 challenge groups and am so grateful to every one of those 560+ challengers!!


“If you feel good on the inside, the outside will follow suit.” ~ Shaun T


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