Shaun Week – Day 6 – Speed 4.0 & Team Building!!

Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0

speed 4.0

DONE – finally tonight! So you know we had a busy morning with the RWB, right? Well, the rest of the day, honestly we just spent doing much of nothing. We’ve been trying to watch re-runs of ⚜️ Game Of Thrones ⚜️ to hype up to the this coming season, and we just don’t have that kinda time. We just aren’t tv watchers like we were. So today we did some marathon viewing . And since we were sooooooo busy watching re-runs, we put off the workout, till, laaaaaate. Regrets ahuh. Still learning my lessons. But no matter what, you get it done! 

My legs and booty are on 🔥🔥🔥! The last 12 minutes, burpeeeeeees 😱😳. You heard that right. Now don’t be scared, there is always a modifier and the modified burpees are very doable. But I wasn’t letting it slide, since I let the day slide away.  

I’ve been feeling super emotional 😢 all week (no it’s not THAT time of the month) doing these workouts. Hip Hop Abs was my very first Beachbody program I ever did. That was a 30 day schedule and I had just started to clean up my diet, just started drinking Shakeology and  I lost 👋14 pounds and some inches that month. And shortly after was when I stepped away. Since I’ve been back I’ve been so emotional about coming back. It was like coming home. As I’ve gotten into run training and back to Beachbody I’ve had so many moments of being sore and vulnerable. I think a lot of times we don’t do what we know we should, or what we even want to do,  because of vulnerability. I stopped my run training, not because I didn’t want to run, but because I couldn’t run and that exposed a weakness in me. It’s interesting how much your physical and emotional self are connected to the way you move your body and the way you walk through your life. And all I can say is that I have an overwhelming feeling of liberation and inner strength these days 😌

Now find myself building my own team and paying it all forward. I thought at one time just being a challenger and customer was all I needed. But I was wrong. Being a health and wellness coach keeps me in check. It keeps me focused on my own personal goals. It gets a whole lot more real when your job becomes actually taking care of yourself and getting yourself in shape. How crazy smart is this??? Getting a paycheck for doing something for my own health turned into helping others reclaim their health, and then that turns into helping others pave a road to financial freedom. As Shaun would say… A-maze-balls! Amazing!!

Interested in joining and being trained by a team that’s TOP 10 in the biz? Wander over here ➪➪➪ Join The Team! *USA & Canada only right now.

But seriously, speed 4.0 is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and I will never ever, ever put off doing my workout so late, ever again! I can’t believe the week is almost up, it went by so fast! Monday is 3 Day Refresh time!


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