This Sunday’s Blog Share – A to Z Foods


A to Z Foods: A list of 26 foods that I either love or hate, one for each letter, a challenge posed to any readers who would like to participate.  I saw this at this-is -my-truth-now.  Maybe it’s the foods your mom made you when you were a kid… oh… Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! xoxo


As a follow-up to last week’s fears from A to Z, this week we’re focusing on the foods we either love or absolutely hate (whichever you prefer), continuing the trend of the seventh day, ending the week on Sunday, as a list (we know I love them) of sorts that provides more in depth knowledge about me.

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  1. Pick something that starts with that letter and add it to your own list. Don’t think about it… just come up with a couple ideas in under five seconds and choose the best of the bunch.
  2. It can be a hate or love, but not a specific restaurant or brand! I chose 13 things I loved and 13 things I hated. I’m all for equal opportunity!
  3. This week it’s foods you either love or hate… but next week will be something else. Add in any extra comments if you need to explain.
  4. It’s a fun game, but if you are nominated and DO NOT want to participate, you don’t have to. Just ignore it! Totally OK.
  5. You may not have been nominated, but you can totally participate by following these rules.
  6. Post it as a reply on the person’s blog where you found it. Also post it on your own blog as a new post.
  7. Should we use a tag so we can see all the responses? Suggestions… AtoZFood
  8. This may not go anywhere if there is no participation other than me. And that’s OK. The 365 Daily Challenge was about me to start, so I cannot expect or force anyone else.
  9. Have fun and get to know your online friends. Tell us when you post your 26 items.  Thanks!


A to Z Foods I Love or Hate

A – Apples (love)

B – Beets (hate)

C – Cake (love to much)

D – Donuts (love to much)

E – Endive (eh)

F – French Fries (love)

G – Grapes (love)

H – Hummus (love)

I – Italian food (love

J – Juice (eh)

K – Kale (love/hate relationship)

L – Liverwurst (hate)

M – Mushrooms (hate)

N – Nutella (hate)

O – Olive Oil (love)

P – Peanuts (love)

Q – Quinoa (love)

R – Rhubarb (hate)

S – Squash (love winter/hate summer)

T – Taco’s (love mine)

U – Upside-down pineapple cake (love)

V – Vegetables (learning to love them)

W – Watermelon (love

X – Xylitol gum (hate)

Y – Yams (love)

Z – Zucchini (hate)

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People You Are Tagging

NO ONE! Anyone who wants to participate should… But someone has to… I don’t want to feel like the guy in the video below!



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