3 Day Refresh – June 20 – Day 2


Day two of the #3DayRefresh. Feeling pretty good other than a headache that started last night, which may be a migraine. I get them seasonally every year 🌱🌼🌲🍁… I was warned though that day two would be the roughest.  It’s likely a wee bit of caffeine withdrawal too. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine anymore, but I do have a cup or two daily. And on the Refresh, it’s zero caffeine. Breaking the caffeine habit is another great side effect of doing the 3 Day Refresh! And Nicolle also told me that day 3 I’d be feeling amazing 🎉Thanks for the heads up Nicolle! Today I’m doing a little yoga and work on flexibility!

My Plan Today

BOD Yoga Studio 

🌞 10 oz of water w/lemon

🌞 Vegan Chocolate Shakeology w/ half a frozen banana + 10 oz water

🌞 Morning tea (herbal of choice, I had cinnamon apple)

🌞 Fiber Sweep w/a few drops of vanilla extract

☀️ Carrots & Hummus

☀️Vanilla Fresh Shake w/ drops of maple flavoring extract)

☀️ Afternoon tea (herbal of choice, I am having orange spice)

🌝 Vanilla Fresh Shake 

☀️ I’m saving my afternoon snack for dinner – cucumber & avocado

🌝 Spinach Salad (adding my reserved afternoon snack to the salad)

🌝Evening tea (herbal of choice, will be vanilla sleepy time)


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