Shift Shop Preview


🙌 I can tell this is gonna be a challenging one! So happy we plan to do 3 rounds of Shift Shop in the #SYSOFshift challenge group! It’s an all over, head to toe complete, break you down, make you ugly sweat 😅, fast moving workout. This one will get you in shape fast. Big doses of cardio to get your heart pumping and get you in amazing physical condition.

There’s a lil bit of an old school feel, but put together all shiny and new. Chris Downing is such an awesome motivator, he made me wanna give it my all. It was intense and I got my a** kicked but it was a great sweat  😅. And the modifier shows the moves any beginner can be challenged by and do.

What it is, more specifically? Shift Shop is 3 week  mix of cardio and strength training workouts. Each day Chris gives you a “shop rule”. Today it was “try before you modify”. I love this quote because there are so many times during workouts when I think, maybe I should just modify it, I probably can’t do it. it looks hard.  But today I kept his quote in the forefront as a reminder to keep pushing myself to push harder.  And I realized there were moves I did think, no way can I do that. But I did it anyway. And there were a few I really did need the modifier for, but there were also moves I COULD do!!  And of course there were some I could do a few times and then went to the modified version. But you never know till you really try!!!


The best part is that they show you exactly how to do the move, before starting and Chris shows you the modified version too. So you’re not racing to catch up at all.  This was a great time and I can’t wait till the release on BOD in July!!! 3 rounds baby!! Want to get in on our amazing group of over 570 in the #SYSOFshift? When you get signed up I’ll add you to the private Facebook group. We’ll get motivated, lose some weight, drop some inches, learn some new recipes and have an inspiring group to help you get it done! Want the info, just fill this out ➫➫ ➫ The SYSOF Shift

ps…this releases On Demand July 12th We are starting July 17th with round 1. So you’ll have some time to preview and get the feel for the workout a full week before we start!

It ain’t pretty – It just works!

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