New Betty & Ambassador Update



My time as an INKnBURN Ambassador is quickly coming to an end. I’ll be joining the ranks of the INB Alumni on July 1st 😢😘❤️ It’s bittersweet but necessary for others to get the chance to spread the love of the brand! I’ll still be sharing some updates on INKnBURN and will get some insider news but my ambassador days for the brand are quickly running down. I had to share this adorable kit with you all! Such a fun look!

“Why name this kit “Betty” you might ask? Well, it is a great name from the era of this design combined with an urban meaning of being a “looker”. 

Isn’t this just the cutest kit! And what a dapper gentleman’s look!!

A Blast of Class From the Past
Everyone loves a sharp dressed man, right? Our new Men’s Dapper Tech Shirt features meticulously detailed art that looks like the classy texture of a herringbone tweed. After all, the suit is the modern gentleman’s armor! Our newest designs are a stylish tribute to the past, while taking advantage of the modern technology in our Dry I.C.E. Fabric to keep you cool and comfortable.

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